Holy Smokes! Long Time No See.

**Blows off dust from blog** Man, how long has this been sitting here? It's like finding an old family album in the attic, hahaha!

Well, I'm back!  And I'll be posting some stuff again!  Being in the visual development field, I gotta share my stuff now right? :D

Well, that and a lot has happened since college.  ALOT!!  My goodness!  So yeah.  You'll probably see my blog layout switching back and forth, because let's face it.  The green blue wallpaper isn't working at all!  And I need to get used to the new blogger set up ^^;

I'll be posting new stuff soon!


Settling In

Hello World!
Long time no see. Well, after four years of getting my butt kicked I finally graduated! Yaay.

Now I'm catching up on some well deserved relaxation and it feels great. I'm chillin' with my sister, catching up with friends, and petting my kitty cat who I missed too.

With all the free time on my hands (joy!) I'm trying to get everything nice and organized. Updating my website, making a portfolio blog (!), trying to decide what project I want to start on next (Storyboard project? or Visual Development? decisions....) So yeah.

I'm also trying to catch up on all the sun I missed out on :D haha!
Hiking and Rock Climbing are WELL on my to do list XD!!!

My film is here if you wanna see it, just click on 'Thesis':

For some reason my animations don't have sound (grrr!!!) so I'll have to fix that somehow. Strange, cause the sound worked on my school computer. It lied, IT LIED!!! Enjoy it anyway though, I'll fix it soon enough (hopefully . .;;;)

No art this time. But there will be some soon enough, promise.


Tale of the Tailor Premiere

Coming to a College Auditorium Near You........

P.S. Here's the poster it's mocking. I <3 Coraline


Thesis.... DONE

'Nuff said.......


Pudgy Adorableness!!

Thesis is ALMOST done! Deadline is Sunday. I personally think I'm dead.... I still have TONS to do. I still try to find ways to have fun here and there:

Both of these were made while waiting for nCloth playblasts to happen. I'm multitasking like it ain't nobodies business! I'm rerendering frames, while also animating, and drawing, and lighting and reviewing playblasts and calculating nCloth, AND getting together portfolio's for recruiters all at once. It sucks...

I can't wait for thesis to be over.


Alice Sketches

Alice in Wonderland sketches. Thought I'd add it to the pot of Alice art:

The March Hare

Two versions of the White Rabbit, with pants and without, hahaha


And last but certainly not least, the Cheshire Cat



I'm happy the big crit came and went. But now the big deadline is coming up fast! I only have a week to animate and nuke everything! SO WHY AM I HEAR!!!! Taking a break....

This is Elda, the tailor's wife actually. No not in my thesis, in another one of my stories I made called, Sleepy Willow. It's about a Victorian town where strange things happen. I like town's where strange things happen in them. To bad my town isn't one of them! GRAH!

But yes, Elda's story is she's a nanny who hates kids with bad habits, especially thumb sucking. So she sends her husband out to get them. Hence, that's how that tale came to be about the Thumb Cutting Tailor. yup yup......

As for that pie..... it's blueberry, bleck!!! (in my opinion at least, I'm a personal fan of apple thank you very much :p )